$2.9 Trillion Lost in Retirement

Savings Plans Since 2014

"People who have purchased Fixed-Indexed Annuities have not lost one penny!" In today's volatile economy, it is important for people to have a choice – a choice of a safe and secure place to save for their retirement.


Today, seniors and boomers who invested in the stock market may be devastated, and unfortunately, they may find themselves in precarious financial situations.


These folks followed the instructions of their financial advisor by diversifying their investments. They believed that diversification amongst stocks, bonds, and/or mutual funds, would protect their retirement nest egg.


In today's volatile economy, it is now more apparent than ever before, that fixed and fixed-indexed annuities be considered for retirement savings, as they have fulfilled their promise, their guarantees. These savings products have protected the nest eggs of millions of people, when market sensitive investments have failed to do the same.


Question: How have fixed and fixed-indexed annuities faired so well, when the stock market, …and market sensitive investments …have done so poorly?


Answer: Because investments and savings products are different. Savings vehicles such as Fixed and fixed-indexed annuities or CDs, always guarantee principal and interest, if held to maturity. Investment vehicles never guarantee principal or interest, as investment values go up and down with the stock market and the economy, because that is how they work.


The public needs to understand that annuities and CDs are safe and guaranteed savings products, …as opposed to market sensitive investments in stocks, …mutual funds or …variable annuities, which are speculative securities instruments.


People are now beginning to consider, that they should not place money in the stock market that they cannot afford to lose!


In addition, fixed and fixed-indexed annuities offer Guaranteed Lifetime Income Riders. So, not only do fixed and fixed-indexed annuities guarantee the safety of your principal plus interest, but now with lifetime income riders, they guarantee an increase in the income account value of ; 5%, 6%, 7%, or 8%, guaranteeing you a future income stream, without the fees associated with market sensitive variable annuities, and without stock market losses!

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