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In the fall of 2013 Smeed Financial, began offering mortgages to our clients through a partnership with a third-party.


Feedback from our clients has alerted us of their desire to have an in-house loan officer. A loan officer available for them to establish a trusting relationship with, as opposed to calling an 800 number and speaking to someone that they donít know.

This summer, we are changing gears and offering our clients what theyíve asked for; the opportunity to speak with a Mortgage Loan Officer in our office! Your only point of contact during origination will be Smeed Financial.


We are pleased to offer you a wide variety of lenders and loan types; giving you the mortgage payment and loan term that will best fit your financial needs.

Thank you for allowing us to assist with your home mortgage! It is our privilege to continue to serve you and to guide you toward financial growth and security.

Products Available:

  - Primary Residence: Refinance & Low Down Purchase
  - Second Home or Investment Property: Purchase or Refinance
  - Fixed Rate Mortgages: multiple terms available
  - Adjustable Rate Mortgages: multiple terms available
  - HARP Loans: multiple terms available
  - Refinance to eliminate PMI payment
  - No Cost Loans
  - Commercial Loans

As always, we are available for any questions or concerns you may have. So feel free to call or email us at 925-757-6018 or send me an email at


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