LAST CHANCE! - Don't Miss Out On Our Amazing AUDIT PROTECTION Offer!


   Well, the holidays are over and it will be tax time in a few weeks! I hope you enjoyed the time spent with family and friends.

   This is not a scare but a new reality. Iím writing to let you know that more and more clients will be getting notices from the IRS and State Tax Agencies. You know the ones that start with: Dear Taxpayer: Your return has been selected for auditÖ..

   Answering these letters is very important, since no-response can trigger a full scale audit. The only problem is these letters, telephone calls, research and audits take a lot of time. Since time is all we have to sell, we have to bill our clients for these services. This has gotten a few clients upset. They understand, but writing us a big check only adds insult to injury!

                  So, we are offering you a service agreement to cover audits and notices!

   Itís kind of like insurance, pay a small amount to cover a big risk, and then hope you donít need to use it! (Hey, I have paid fire insurance on my house for years, but I sure hope I never need to use it!)

   The guarantee is enclosed. It discusses everything it covers and the price. Itís a small price to pay and you will be thanking yourself when you get that fat letter from the IRS.

   To be fair to us, we canít leave this offer open forever. Someone could wait until they got a notice, buy the guarantee and call us a few days later to handle the paperwork!

So hereís the deal, fill out the guarantee and mail, fax or drop it off at our office by January 23th, 2017. After that date we canít and wonít make the offer again. If we have to go to bat for you against the IRS or our team members need to sit on the phone for an hour or so waiting to talk to an agent, you have to understand that there will be a charge. $100 minimum per hour spent resolving the notice, paid up front. (Of course, there is no charge if the notice is our fault.) IRS audits require a $2,500 retainer to start and are billed at $175 per hour, plus any out of pocket expenses. Office consultations are $100 each. We are including one free office consultation (a $100 value) with the purchase of the Peace of Mind Guarantee.

   Thanks for understanding and thanks for being such a great client! Have a hassle free 2017 tax year.

Please disregard this if you already signed up.

Sincerely Yours,

Michael Uadiale, CPA

P.S. I forgot to mention ... the cost of the plan is tax deductible!

                 Regardless of Your Choice, Fill Out The Following Page and Fax Immediately to:

(925) 265-2215

You may also hand deliver to our office, or call us to have it filled out over the phone. For email security reasons, we prefer not to receive these agreements as scanned pdf's over email.

Our Plans

  $109 - Peace of Mind for Personal Tax Return $149 - Peace of Mind for Business Tax Return $208 - Peace of Mind for both Business and Personal Tax Return  



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