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Lifetime Record Highs: Dow, S&P 500, NASDAQ & RUS2000 !
           for Period Ending 12/09/2016


The Dow continued it's 5-week climb as the S&P500, NASDAQ & Russell 2000 all closed at lifetime record highs & the Dow hitting the 19,750 mark. This week the DOW added 586 points or 3.06%, the S&P gained 67 points or 3.08% and the NASDAQ rose 188 points or 3.59%. Saudi Arabia announced cuts in oil deliveries to the US starting in January 17' to keep in line with OPEC agreements. The Fed meets NEXT WEEK to discuss interest rates. Have a good weekend! Michael


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SMEED CPA Adds Financial Services To Help Clients With

Investments & Insurance Needs

So often we here at SMEED CPA are asked about financial issues that impact our clients investments and their portfolios. 

We always offered our opinion and suggestions but in order to help our clients actually execute the changes we suggest, SMEED has created a Financial Services division.


SMEED Financial Services, Inc. will be able to work with both individual and business clients on their investment portfolios and manage assets on their behalf.


SMEED Financial will include Michael Uadiale, ACA, CPA, CGMA; and Pablo Blanco who has recently joined SMEED and comes with over 18 years of financial sales and advising experience with affluent investors.

Watch your inbox and mail boxes for more specific information on services SMEED Financial Services, Inc will make available to you.






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