[fname], in the last email I talked about taking the third of 5 Exit Strategies for exiting owners, that being #3 - Employee Stock Ownership Plan or ESOP.


If you want to learn more about this strategy, go to page 9 in my free report.  Today I'm going to go over the next type of EXIT STRATEGY available to you as you as you exit your business.


Strategy #4: Management Buyouts (MBO)


There are a great number of business owners who have prudently save for their financial security and are now reaching retirement age. For many reasons, these baby boomers do not want to sell outsiders but would rather give their management team an opportunity to purchase the business. These owners are beginning to think about exiting their businesses but are not yet ready to retire.

As we talk about management buyouts, and exiting owner needs stance or two primary questions: one can your employees think and act like entrepreneurs? Two does the vitality of your organization require this type of continuing entrepreneurial thinking? These two questions represent the foundation for deciding if an MBO is viable as part of your exit strategy plan.

MBO's can be extremely rewarding to an exiting owner, or extremely frustrating. They do however, provide an opportunity for management to experience the ultimate promotion: future ownership of the business. Making certain that your wealth is not compromised in the process is the point of this discussion.  (You can learn more about this strategy on page 10 of my report).


Your 'Owner Type' Determines Which
Exit Strategies Are Best for You.
What Type Are You?


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And again if you want to learn more about the 6-Step Exit Process, I recently held a webinar on the subject and went in depth on each step.  You're welcome to WATCH the video webinar REPLAY at the link below:


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