3rd Annual Noblesville Mini Marathon - Saturday, May 28, 2016 - 13.1M - 10K - 5K - Kiddie Run

Hey [fname], are you Employing Good "Training Practices" Before your Next Race?

To be a good athlete you must have good training practices. Training practices are more than just what you do on the track; they involve how you live your day to day life.

Coaching - Seeking out someone with more experience then you is always a good idea. There is no sense re-inventing the wheel when someone has already tested several methods and can save you a lot of time leading to greater efficiency in your training.

Be Open - A huge part to becoming an experienced athlete is to keep your mind open, both to new ideas and to feedback. Request feedback. Recognize that you donít know everything and that you can learn a lot from those who are more experienced.

Take it slow - Set reasonable goals. If youíre a twice a week runner, donít expect to make the upcoming Olympics. Reasonable goals will keep you mentally fit and motivated to keep training. If you try to take things too quickly chances are you will get burnt out both mentally and physically.

Injury Prevention - I donít know of any great athlete that hasnít suffered a injury at one point in their career, and knows how devastating it can be. An injury can put an end to a season or an entire career.

Be smart in your running training to best avoid injuries. This can be accomplished by using the right equipment. Why take the risk of training in year old running shoes when itís recommended to buy new ones every 6 months?  If new shoes still don't help, look at custom arch supports to keep your arch and heel protected as well as supported.

Proper warm up and cool downs, can greatly decrease your risk of injury. Not warming up is like driving a car really hard without giving it a tune up. Your playing with fireworks. This can involve jogging to warm your muscles up, stretching and other mobility drills to make sure you are ready to begin your training session.

Fuel Your Body - Overall good nutrition and feeding your body the right foods so it has reserve energy for your runs and races is key.  As you run more often and progress many people work with a sports nutrition coach to help them develop daily meal plans and nutrition goals, hydration strategies, and race/game day nutrition plans to optimize their performance.

If you take these things into consideration I have no doubt that you will have success in what ever it is you are training for. [NMM]


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