To: Frustrated Dentists in the Austin TX area

Fr:  Dr. Jacque Russo

Re: Free Webinar on Bringing Health, Wealth and Abundance Into

       Your Practice in 2010


Doctor, a few days ago I sent you an email invitation to a free Webinar I am hosting this Friday, Jan 15th 10am CT on NEW programs, products and technology solutions for a growing dental office.


What I did not tell you in the email and what you would learn on the webinar is that we are holding a private, invitation only physical event IN AUSTIN on January 29th from 1-3 pm local time where we will present these New Programs, Products and Technology solutions AND provide hands on demonstrations for you.


The meeting is at Keller Williams Building, 1801 S. Mopac Suite 100, Austin, TX 78746.


WHY ATTEND?  In a recent survey of dentists, 80% indicated they are unhappy or frustrated with their profession and would rather be doing something else. 


They and maybe you, have lost the enthusiasm we all once had in our younger days after dental school where we thought we could change our patients lives and the world, through being a dentist.


Fortunately you can do just that, still be excited and look forward to going into your practice every day, with the right tools at your disposal.


And that is what I want to preview for you on the Free Conference Call this Friday, January 15th at 10am CT (click here to register) AND at our January 29th meeting in Austin.


Since you are nearby I wanted to point this out and invite you to take 30 minutes to be on our call this Friday AND learn why & how 2 hours on Jan. 29th could, if you are one of the 80% of unhappy or frustrated dentists, change your life, patients and your practice for the better!


If you have any questions, call me personally at 512-707-7400 ext 212.


Dr. Jacque Russo

Integrated Health Solutions