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[fname], thank you for requesting my free report on the 7 Ways to Use VIDEOS to Increase Leads & Sales.

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In this report I will explain the 7 most effective ways to use ONLINE VIDEOS to increase your Leads & SALES but the most important reason videos WORK is because video mimics television & movies in their unique ability to deliver an on-demand, combination visual & audio marketing message by grabbing the attention of the viewer to effectively communicate, educate, persuade and SELL!

Why does video work so well?  Because most people were born or grew up in multi-TV screen households.  Watching TV for news, entertainment or education is part of their everyday routine.

But before broadband high-speed Internet and 3G & 4G cellular service, delivering high quality video to someone meant using broadcast or cable TV as your electronic delivery method.  Or you created a VHS tape or DVD for individual consumers to view.

Today with free services like YouTube and the spread of broadband you can deliver short and long videos to a small target audience or millions of people.  

All you need to do is to create your video as your marketing Tool and use it correctly as part of your overall Marketing SYSTEM.

Thatís where we come in.  We can help you create the appropriate types of videos to use as part of your marketing system.  Videos can be used in an Advertising mode to generate leads for yourself, your sales people, business, products & services.  

If you already have leads or prospects, videos can be used in Selling mode to convert them into paying customers, clients or patients.  

And finally videos can be used in a Service mode with your current customers, clients or patients to increase repeat purchases, upsell or cross-sell other products & services or to generate referrals.

Also if you have an urgent lead generation or sales need or project that you think a video might help, I offer a Free Leads & Sales Analysis.  All you do is explain how you acquire leads & close sales and I'll advise you whether or not videos can improver your results.

And as usual if you have any questions about the report you are free to contact me to ask.


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