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[fname], thanks again you for requesting my free report on the 7 Ways to Use VIDEOS to Increase Leads & Sales.

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Today I want to talk about Strategy #1 for using Videos to Increase your Leads & Sales.  It is:

#1 Video Overviews

If you use your web site at all to display or showcase your products & services you should have at a minimum, one short video that explains & gives a short quick overview of what each product & services is and does.

People are bored with what is on most informational websites. If I checked I would find that most of pages on your website are static meaning the same text or content is there day in, day out.

It never changes. And it is probably the same with your competitorís website.

If you to stand out compared to your competition AND help your potential and current customers better understand & remember what you do or sell, donít be PASSIVE and leave it up to them to READ your static website. You can use VIDEOS to ACTIVELY & AUTOMATICALLY FEED them the information on the page, except through a video.

Of the 3 types of learning (Auditory, Visual, and Kinesthetic) video employs two modalities simultaneously, the audio & visual. This gives you a higher likelihood that whoever is watching will understand, remember and take action on what youíve told them when they decide to buy what you sell.

OVERVIEW type of videos tend to be between 30 seconds and 2 minutes or 120 seconds long. Brief introductions (5 to 10 seconds) and end slates (A.K.A. tail slate, outro, end screen of 5 to 15 seconds) add a level of professionalism if that is what is desired. And your logo, product or service pictures, corporate graphics can also be added for branding purposes.

Next week I will cover Strategy #2 on Detailed Demonstrations of Your Products & Services so look for that email.

Plus you can click here for samples and examples of this and the other video types I talk about in the report.

Also if you have an urgent lead generation or sales need or project that you think a video might help, I offer a Free Leads & Sales Analysis.  All you do is explain how you acquire leads & close sales and I'll advise you whether or not videos can improver your results.

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