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[fname], last week we talked about Strategy #1 on my report on 7 Ways to Use VIDEOS to Increase Leads & Sales.

It was using SHORT videos for quick OVERVIEWS of your products and services.

Today I want to talk about Strategy #2 for using Videos to Increase your Leads & Sales.  It is:

#2 Video Detailed Demonstrations of Your Products & Services

After a person buys from you send then a video that explains exactly how to consume, use, handle, operate, display, store, prepare, or receive the maximum benefit from what they just bought so they’re happy, buy again and refer others to you to buy.

It doesn’t matter what product or services you sell. Today everyone skimps on telling the buyer, once they’ve hung up, taken delivery or walked out of the door, how to best use, consume, enjoy, assemble or simply BENEFIT FROM to the highest degree possible what they just bought & paid for.

It doesn’t matter if you sell printing, loans, financing, commercial equipment, cars or personal services like massages, spa treatments, plastic surgery or haircuts.

There is always something you know that the new buyer doesn’t, that he or she should do before, 1st thing, right afterwards or over time after the purchase to benefit from whatever they just bought, used, rented, ate, watched and so on.

A simple short professional video that explains this will help them feel better about what they bought, get more use out of it, tell their friends and family about it (and you or your company) and either come back for more and/or refer people they know to BUY from you. Use your imagination but here are some quick examples:

- Printer - Video on "How to Use Your New Marketing Flyers to Increase Your Sales"
- Loan Broker - Video on "How to Deduct Your New Loan Interest & Points On Taxes"
- Plastic Surgeon - Video on "5 Ways to Minimize Scars & Recover Time After Surgery"
- Car Dealer - Video on "3 Tips on Keeping Your Car Clean & Out of the Repair Shop"
- Day Spa - Video on "Why to Stretch & Meditate in Between Deep Tissue Massages"
- Manufacturer - Video on "Quick Start Guide to Driving Your New Front Loader"
- Accountant - Video "3 Strategies to Handling Bookkeeping For Your Small Business".

Next week I will cover Strategy #3 on Video Testimonials & Endorsements (a.k.a. Social Proof) so look for that email.

Plus you can click here for samples and examples of this and the other video types I talk about in the report.

Also if you have an urgent lead generation or sales need or project that you think a video might help, I offer a Free Leads & Sales Analysis.  All you do is explain how you acquire leads & close sales and I'll advise you whether or not videos can improver your results.

And as usual if you have any questions about this email or the original report you are free to contact me to ask.


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