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[fname], last week we talked about Strategy #2 on my report on 7 Ways to Use VIDEOS to Increase Leads & Sales.

It was using Video Detailed Demonstrations of Your Products & Services.

Today I want to talk about Strategy #3 for using Videos to Increase your Leads & Sales.  It is:

#3 Video Testimonials & Endorsements (a.k.a. Social Proof)

Your best sales people are your customers, clients and patients that can articulate how much they like you, your products & services and your staff. You should be recording them on Videos and post them everywhere!

Social Proof is one of the most powerful psychological persuasion principles and tools in your marketing system. If you donít know what Social Proof is, it is when someone buys from you and gives some sort of testimonial, statement, review, report or endorsement about how they like what they bought and who they bought it from.

In todayís business world Social Proof can be in many forms and formats. FORMATS you see often are Written testimonials. A better format is the Audio testimonial because you can HEAR the emotion in a personís voice about how they feel about their purchase. Audio testimonials are found mostly on websites and radio commercials. The best format is the VIDEO testimonial where you get to SEE and HEAR a person talk positively about you.

FORMS of testimonials can be a straight video just recording a person talking off the cuff. An interview form is where someone is asking the person questions and they answer them in some detail. Success Stories is a mixed form where you talk about clients or customers and then insert their comments as part of a narrated video.

If you click here and scroll down on the right hand side you'll see 4 VIDEO TESTIMONIALS examples.  It is an example of video testimonials taken at a live workshop where we ask the attendees what they think about what they are learning. These videos are then posted on the website landing page that promotes future workshops so anyone watching will see that others like them really benefited from the workshop & be encouraged to attend too.

Next week I will cover Strategy #4 on Video Replays of Your TeleSeminars & Webinars so look for that email.

Plus you can click here for samples and examples of this and the other video types I talk about in the report.

Also if you have an urgent lead generation or sales need or project that you think a video might help, I offer a Free Leads & Sales Analysis.  All you do is explain how you acquire leads & close sales and I'll advise you whether or not videos can improver your results.

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