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[fname], last week we talked about Strategy #4 on my report on 7 Ways to Use VIDEOS to Increase Leads & Sales.

It was using Video Replays of Your TeleSeminars & Webinars.

Today I want to talk about Strategy #5 for using Videos to Increase your Leads & Sales.  It is:

#5 Videos to Train Staff, Field Offices or Affiliates

Printed operations manuals, policies & procedures are okay but replacing them with Videos for initial training and ongoing development can increase skills, retention, behavior compliance and performance (especially in Sales).

Growing small businesses and companies of any size soon realize that with growth comes turnover (natural or forced) that requires newly hired people to be trained. With or without a training department, in the past many companies would hand the new hire a printed Training or Operations Manual or 3 ring binder and let them loose.

Today with video technology you can improve on the printed manual as a training and development tool. Videos of your best people or top performers in their positions can be much more effective in Skills or Systems development, Operations or Policy & Procedure compliance.

Take your best sales person and videotape him or her giving their best presentations or responding to questions & objections and you have a much more effective training tool than a print on paper manual.

You get to see the personís face, hear their voice, watch their reactions to their environment, which you canít get from ink on paper.

Screen captures and recordings can help with (computer) Systems training and can even be used as an interviewing and testing tool to screen out unqualified applicants.

Next week I will cover Strategy #6 on Videos to Prospects, Leads or Upcoming Appointments so look for that email.

Plus you can click here for samples and examples of this and the other video types I talk about in the report.

Also if you have an urgent lead generation or sales need or project that you think a video might help, I offer a Free Leads & Sales Analysis.  All you do is explain how you acquire leads & close sales and I'll advise you whether or not videos can improver your results.

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