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[fname], last week we talked about Strategy #7 on my report on 7 Ways to Use VIDEOS to Increase Leads & Sales.

It was using Follow-Up Videos After Appointments to Summarize Sales Points or Buying Decisions.

Today I want to ask you a simple question about the leads or prospects you find that ultimately become your customers, clients or patients.  It is:

     Are You Using Any
in a Marketing System to Increase Your
     Leads, Sales and
 Ultimately Your Profits?

If your answer is NO then you are missing out on an opportunity to do just that - increase your leads, sales & profits!  Why? Because as I say in my report - VIDEOS WORK at building the "know, like & trust" factor in any advertising or selling situation.


Don't believe me?  Let me make you an offer.  If you tell me your situation and business goal I can give you a good idea if a video or series of videos can help you in your advertising, selling or service aspects of your business

Just call or email me and I'll be the first to tell you NO if they won't help.

I hope this report gives you one or several ideas, tools & strategies on how to start using videos to generate more leads, to sell more products, services or yourself, or how to better service your customers, clients & patients.

If not or you have a question about how to use videos in your business, call me at (317) 643-5333 and I am happy to spend 25 minutes listening to you explain your business situation and what you are trying to accomplish.

I will be able to tell you whether or not using one or more videos can help you achieve your goal of:

 - more leads,
 - increased sales,
 - better follow up,
 - less customer service calls or complaints,
 - better trained staff,
 - more customer-client-patient referrals,
 - higher conversion rates!

Remember, good marketers borrow, great marketers steal!


Good luck!  Jeff


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