[fname], thanks for requesting my 21-Day Crash Course on How to Increase your Advertising Results.


Here is Lesson #1.  The biggest problem you as a business owner or executive that advertises (to generate leads and sales from those leads) is that most "advertising" is SOLD to you.

By SOLD I mean the Advertising REP (from your local radio station, the cable TV company, the ValPak dealer, the Chamber of Commerce director, etc.) shows up at your door and pitches you on their advertising program.


Whatever the details, this phrase usually comes out of their mouths, which is, "Well you've got to get your name out there so people know you and will buy from you".


The problem with this statement and premise is that whoever they (the Ad Rep) say they have as an audience, the assumption is they will be EXACTLY the type of person (or group or company) you want to sell to.


I would say 80-90% of the time this is NOT the case.  But you don't know any better, think 'what the heck' if I just get _____ customers from the ad then it will pay for itself.  You say 'sure why not' and whip out a check.


Only weeks or months later do you realize you cannot attribute any increased calls, traffics, appointments or sales to the advertising that cost you hundreds, probably thousands of dollars.  What went wrong?


If You Guess When Being Sold Advertising, You Usually Lose


You really didn't know in the first place what MEDIA your customers, clients or patients subscribed to, read, listened to or watched.  You guessed


You in fact had probably NEVER even asked one of your customers if they had ever subscribed to, read, listened to or watched the MEDIA that was being sold to you.


And even if you did, what % of your customers (assuming you want more 'customers' like the ones you have) subscribed to, read, listen to or watch that particular media?


I could go on and on but the point is before you ever buy $1 of advertising, you should have already SURVEYED your customers (clients or patients), measured the results and analyzed them to see if the media being sold to you would be a good match or fit.


So Lesson #1 is Always SURVEY your Customers on what Media They Subscribe to, Watch or Listen To


Then and only then should you decide to buy or skip on the advertising program being offered.  Any other way of deciding is purely guessing.  And if you guess you usually lose. 


As I tell business owners, you would have better luck going to Las Vegas and gambling than making money on your advertising if 'guessing' is the approach you use.


Watch your inbox tomorrow for Lesson #2.  It will be on what to do if you can't survey your customers.


If you have any questions or comments, reply back to this email or leave me a message at (317) 674-3335.

Thanks, Jeff Bell - The Marketing Doctor

PS. If your advertising is not working and you are anxious to fix it then hereís a simple suggestion for you.  Send me your ad and I will ANALYZE it and send you back a brief analysis on why it may not be performing. 


It can be print (newspaper, magazine, ValPak, flyer, letter, etc.) or Internet (banner, Facebook, Adwords, PPC, remarketing, etc.) or other ad (email, SMS text message, FB post, Twitter post, etc.) and Iíll analyze it and give you some suggestions on how to improve itsí performance.


You can SCAN it as a graphic (JPG, GIF, PNG) or convert it to a PDF and just attach it to this email and reply back.  Or you are always welcome to physically mail it to me at:


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