[fname], just to recap, the previous lesson of your 21-Day Crash Course on How to Increase your Advertising Results was Lesson #1 - Survey Your Customers to see what type of Media they subscribe to, watch and listen to. 


Specifically you want magazine titles, TV channels, radio stations, websites URLs and so on.  Otherwise you're just guessing at what media they and others like them can be found.  (If you need to go back and read Lesson 1 online here is the link.)


Here is Lesson #2.  Surveying your customers is the best way to find what media they consume and therefore, where to advertise if you want more customers like them.


If for some reason you cannot do that (or you are just lazy) then you can sort of cheat and do this instead.


Research and Track (Spy) Where Your Competition Advertises


There is some danger in using this strategy but it is better than doing nothing and guessing where to advertise.  


Here is the danger.  If your competition is like most companies (and maybe you) and they do not track and measure the results of their advertising, if you copy them and advertise in the same places then you are probably wasting your money (just like they are).


But if you take the approach and go back for 12 months (easiest to do this in printed publications) and see that your competition is advertising consistently in a particular media, then you can take a leap of faith and hope that they would not have poured money into ads that did not work and do it for an entire year, right?


I don't want to skip emphasizing the importance of this.  Before you ever buy $1 of advertising, you should have already SURVEYED your customers (clients or patients), measured the results and analyzed them to see if the media being sold to you would be a good match or fit.  But if you cannot do that at least track your competition and model your ad buys after them.


So Lesson #2 is if You CANNOT SURVEY your Customers on what Media They Subscribe to, Watch or Listen To Then Research and Model Where Your Competition Buys Advertising


Then and only then should you decide to buy or skip on the advertising program being offered.  Any other way (aside from Lesson #1) of deciding is purely guessing.  And if you guess you usually lose. 


As I said yesterday, you would have better luck going to Las Vegas and gambling than making money on your advertising if 'guessing' is the approach you use.


Watch your inbox tomorrow for Lesson #3.  It will be on how to structure your advertising correctly to get people to actually see or hear your ad.


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PS. If your advertising is not working and you are anxious to fix it then hereís a simple suggestion for you.  Send me your ad and I will ANALYZE it and send you back a brief analysis on why it may not be performing. 


It can be print (newspaper, magazine, ValPak, flyer, letter, etc.) or Internet (banner, Facebook, Adwords, PPC, remarketing, etc.) or other ad (email, SMS text message, FB post, Twitter post, etc.) and Iíll analyze it and give you some suggestions on how to improve itsí performance.


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