[fname], just to recap, the previous lesson of your 21-Day Crash Course on How to Increase your Advertising Results was Lesson #2 - If You Cannot Survey Your Customer, Track Where Your Competition Advertises to see what type of Media potential new customers (leads) subscribe to, watch and listen to. 


Specifically you want magazine titles, TV channels, radio stations, websites URLs and so on.  Otherwise you're just guessing at what media they and others like them can be found.  (If you need to go back and read Lesson 1 online here is the link.)


Here is Lesson #3.  Use HEADLINES in your advertisement and position them at the VERY TOP of the page.


Headlines are Used to Grab The Attention Of Your Reader


When printed newspapers and magazines were at their height you could pick up any newspaper and at the top of the 1st page was what was called the Front Page Headline.


The Front Page Headline was supposed to grab the attention of the passerby walking on the street who saw the newspaper on the news stand. 


If the headline did its job the person came to the news stand, grabbed the paper and paid for it so they could read it.


The same concept applies today regardless if you are advertising in print, in a direct mail piece, on a website or a blog post, Facebook ad, an email and so on.  


In an email for example it is the SUBJECT LINE that should be used as the headline, in order for people to open your email.


So Lesson #3 is use a Headline on Every One of Your Advertisements and put it at the TOP of the Page or Beginning Of Your Ad Space


When you use headlines in your advertisements, and learn how to use them correctly (which I will be explaining in the next few lessons) you will start to find that your advertising, if you have already surveyed your customers and found out the right places to advertise, will start to perform better. 


And by perform I mean it will get noticed, hopefully read, watched or listened to and eventually have a better chance of being acted on.


Watch your inbox tomorrow for Lesson #4.  It will be more on how to structure and use headlines correctly to get people to actually see or hear your ad.


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PS. If your advertising is not working and you are anxious to fix it then hereís a simple suggestion for you.  Send me your ad and I will ANALYZE it and send you back a brief analysis on why it may not be performing. 


It can be print (newspaper, magazine, ValPak, flyer, letter, etc.) or Internet (banner, Facebook, Adwords, PPC, remarketing, etc.) or other ad (email, SMS text message, FB post, Twitter post, etc.) and Iíll analyze it and give you some suggestions on how to improve itsí performance.


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