[fname], just to recap, the previous lesson of your 21-Day Crash Course on How to Increase your Advertising Results was Lesson #3 - Use HEADLINES to Grab The Attention Of Your Reader


Specifically put them at the TOP of the page if you are advertising in print, in a direct mail piece, on a website or a blog post, Facebook ad, an email and so on.  In an email for example the headline is the SUBJECT LINE that should be used to grab attention in order for people to open your email.  (If you need to go back and read Lesson #3 online here is the link.)


Here is Lesson #4.  In media where you can do this, make the headline the LARGEST LETTERING on the page. 


I'll show you a direct mail letter example below but if you use TV, Radio, Video online or other non-print media you want to make your headline STAND OUT visually and audibly.


LARGE TYPE or LOUD AUDIO or EYE CATCHING VIDEO Will Help Grab The Attention of Your Target Market


A lot of companies will run advertisements with their company name or a picture as a headline.  Since the purpose of advertising is to get people who don't know you, to get to know you, using a company name or picture is the wrong strategy.


Unless you already KNOW the company name or the picture is of something or someone you ALREADY recognize then it is a waste of time using them because they DO NOT grab attention of people, stop them in their tracks and change their focus on whatever they were doing to reading or listening or watching your ad.


Here's an example of a direct mail letter which is used in business advertising daily.  Notice that there is a headline at the TOP of the letter and the FONT SIZE is LARGER than all the other type in the letter.  This is to get the person to see and READ the letter rather than to glance at it and throw it in the trash.


If your company uses RADIO advertising then the first sentence of the script needs to be ATTENTION GRABBING (a little louder than normal - think of the old overhead blue-light special announcement in K-Mart that started out, ATTENTION K-Mart Shoppers...).  Using an Announcer-type voice or an Excited Person or a LOW VOICE are some techniques to accomplish this. 


There are dozens of ways to do this in any media but the point is to CUT THROUGH THE clutter, noise, distractions or other activity already going on in the person's mind that ALREADY has their attention - and SHIFT it over to you and YOUR Advertisement.


So Lesson #4 is Use a Headline at The TOP of a Page or BEGINNING of Audio or Video Then Make it BIGGER, LOUDER or the Most VIVID to Grab the Attention of Someone Who Might Be Distracted With Other Activities in the First Place


Back in grade school when you did multiplication you learned that if you multiply a series of SMALL numbers together you can get BIG numbers.  1 x 2 x 3 x 4 x 5 = 120.


But if anywhere in that sequence of numbers you have a ZERO then at the end of the multiplication formula, you end up with ZERO.


IT doesn't matter if the numbers in the formula are thousands or millions.  If you have an zero ANYWHERE, you end up with ZERO.  Advertising is just like that and HEADLINES use correctly make sure you don't start your Advertising Formula with a ZERO.


Watch your inbox tomorrow for Lesson #5.  It will be a STRATEGY on how to structure and use headlines correctly to get people to actually see or hear your ad.


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