[fname], just to recap, the previous lesson of your 21-Day Crash Course on How to Increase your Advertising Results was Lesson #4 - For Your Headline, Use LARGE TYPE or LOUD AUDIO or EYE CATCHING VIDEO Will Help Grab The Attention of Your Target Market


If your company uses RADIO advertising then the first sentence of the script needs to be ATTENTION GRABBING (a little louder than normal - think of the old overhead blue-light special announcement in K-Mart that started out, ATTENTION K-Mart Shoppers...).  Using an Announcer-type voice or an Excited Person or a LOW VOICE are some techniques to accomplish this.  (If you need to go back and read Lesson #4 online here is the link.)


Here is Lesson #5.  To make your Headline more effective, use one that asks a question or makes a bold statement, draws a comparison, fixes a problem or offers a solution.


Emotional Based or Question Type Headlines Tend to Grab Attention of People Better Than Bland Statements


As people we are emotional human beings.  Unless the Vulcans from Star Trek take over the planet and impose logic as the only way to think, emotions will rule how we think & feel for a long time.


So as marketers in general and specifically in our advertising, we want to use this principle to our advantage.


Whatever the product or service you sell, there is usually an emotional based headline you can come up with that ties a problem or pain back to your product or service.


If you cannot come up with one, or are in an industry or market that is highly technical or industrial another approach is to ask a question in your headline.


Even a bold statement as a headline that can be followed up with a good sub-headline will help improve the attention grabbing performance of your advertisement.  


I work with a lot of businesses that advertise using Google Adwords (Pay Per Click) as well as Social Media like Facebook and you can apply this strategy in these situations.  In Adwords you only have 25 to 35 characters in your advertisements so you have to be succinct but it is doable.


So Lesson #5 is in Your Headline Make it an Emotional Based one or a Question or Bold Statement Headline


Remember what I said yesterday that back in grade school when you did multiplication you learned that if you multiply a series of SMALL numbers together you can get BIG numbers.  1 x 2 x 3 x 4 x 5 = 120.


But if anywhere in that sequence of numbers you have a ZERO then at the end of the multiplication formula, you end up with ZERO.


IT doesn't matter if the numbers in the formula are thousands or millions.  If you have an zero ANYWHERE, you end up with ZERO.  Advertising is just like that and HEADLINES use correctly make sure you don't start your Advertising Formula with a ZERO.


Watch your inbox tomorrow for Lesson #6.  It will be a TEST on how WELL you have structured your headlines in Lessons 4 through 6 so you can PREDICT how well you will get people to actually see or hear your ad.


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PS. If your advertising is not working and you are anxious to fix it then hereís a simple suggestion for you.  Send me your ad and I will ANALYZE it and send you back a brief analysis on why it may not be performing. 


It can be print (newspaper, magazine, ValPak, flyer, letter, etc.) or Internet (banner, Facebook, Adwords, PPC, remarketing, etc.) or other ad (email, SMS text message, FB post, Twitter post, etc.) and Iíll analyze it and give you some suggestions on how to improve itsí performance.


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