[fname], twenty years ago I left a good job at E&Y to start my own firm. After making many mistakes and with about $100 left in my checking account, I figured "it" out and grew my firm to $6 million in revenue at a 50% margin.  How did I do "it"?


Well I figured out several 'strategies & systems' to attract good clients, to get more 'revenue' from those clients, and how to buy other firms at a discount price (I acquired 11 other practices) and do the same thing with the acquired firms and clients.


Since then I often am asked, "What's the fastest, most profitable way to grow your practice?". There's no silver-bullet answer because there's MULTIPLE ways to do 'it' and the quickest way is to do them all.


To help you understand what I mean I have 3 Free Guides you can download, as well as 2 free webinars you can attend.  Whether you are in public accounting or own your own firm, I'll share with you my insights, systems and strategies from my last 20+ years of mistakes & successes, so you can skip the mistakes and reach success faster.


Click here to download "Is Offering Investment Advisory Services to Your Clients a Good Strategy for Growing Your Practice?"

Click here to download "3 Things Every Accountant & CPA Should Know About Performing Profitable Client Business Valuations".

Click here to download "5 Pitfalls to Avoid When Acquiring Your First or Next CPA or Accounting Firm plus What's a Firm Really Worth?"



Also if you own your own firm and want to hear LIVE how these Strategies & Systems work, I'm hosting a live webinar on DATE and TIME where you can ask me questions on how you can very quickly implement these strategies & systems in your own firm (click here to register).

Even if you cannot make the live call, go ahead and register and I will send you the link to the REPLAY after the call so you can listen at your convenience.


BUT TROY, I work in a company and don't own my own firm!  No problem.  I'm hosting a separate live webinar just for you, on DATE and TIME on how you can these strategies & systems in your company to help it grow, add revenues & be more profitable (click here to register).



On this webinar for accountants and CPAs working in industry I go over how you can help yourself and the employees prepare for retirement by setting up employee pension programs and 401k's easily and economically in your business.

Plus when you register for the webinar, I'll also send you my report on the "5 Reasons Why Your Business May Want or Need a Business Valuation".

If you have questions as always, feel free to contact me here at the office at 317-581-1776.

As a CPA who has worked both sides of the aisle I understand the challenges of each and can be your resource if you have a question or need advice!



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