In my last email I told you an important secret which was as an accountant I know the 3 basic personality types of most CPAs.


- 1st type is putting in your 40 hrs (or 60-70 during season) and being okay with that your entire career.


- 2nd type is being burned out and wanting out or to sell your firm (and go back to being the 1st type).


- The 3rd type is wanting to find a way to GROW your practice that doesn't kill you and makes you a great income & maybe some wealth, to support your family & a decent lifestyle.


And I told you if you are the 3rd type (like me) I would share with you that I figured out HOW to find the #2 types and the good #1 types and combine them (profitably) and in my case, build a $6+ million practice in the process.

Well I had a bunch (that is a technical term we use here in the Midwest) of people email me back and say,


"Yea Troy but I bet the profits were THIN and you were working like a borrowed mule to run the whole operation, right?"


WRONG!  And rather than just tell you I had my graphics guy make a picture that shows you that the EXACT OPPOSITE was and is true.  in fact here are the facts about the practice:


We had about HALF of the number of clients you would expect in a firm of $6.7 million in revenue.


Of that $6.7 million less than half of that came from the traditional tax, accounting & monthly bookkeeping services we did AND...


OVER HALF of the revenue (not 1 time - it was ongoing and recurring) came from my Strategy #3 and it was VERY PROFITABLE!


How profitable?  Well we put over $1,000,000 or 7 FIGURES to the bottom line and that was after paying my staff and myself good money.


And again if you are at all interested in finding out more how I did this and how to find more clients and grow your practice, then on Aug. 28th, this Wednesday at 11:00am ET I'm going to share more SECRETS of how I built a $6.7 million dollar practice from scratch (click here to register, it's free)


And it will not kill you in the process.


In fact I only worked an average of about 35 hours a week as I was doing all this!

So if this sounds interesting to you - BE ON THE CALL - where I'm going to talk about ALL of the Top 6 Strategies & Tools I used myself and how you can use them in your own practice to find more clients, increase your billings and create higher profits for yourself.


And to finally spill the beans a little bit, the one growth strategy that helped me do all this was selling FINANCIAL SERVICES to our clients.


Because this is so powerful and so accountants like you can EASILY DUPLICATE what I did, I created a SYSTEM to do it that is so good that right now, this year, we have individual accountants and CPAs bringing in OVER $1,000,000 A MONTH in Assets Under Management - of their client's money - and getting paid ongoing, recurring fees for the management of those assets. 


I will talk about this more on the call and you can ask ME LIVE QUESTIONS about it - ON THE CALL!


Click here to register for the call NOW because it's Wednesday Aug. 28th at 11:00 am ET (10:00am CT, 9:00am MT, 8:00am PT) and there are a LIMITED number of phone lines available.


Talk with you on the call!




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