Hi it's Betsy Fein again from Clutterbusters!!


If you took my 20 Question Are-You-A-Hoarder Quiz and looked at your score (and was surprised), don't be.  Lot's of people who are busy with life, work and family need some help because they are a hoarder in one or more aspects of their lives.


We work with many people who are borderline, as well as classic hoarders.

A while back a local magazine did an article on Hoarding and Professional Organizers and used Clutterbusters as the focus of the article on getting help to organize your home.

If you missed the original article, here is the download link.  Just click on it or copy and paste it into your browser:


I hope you take a few minutes and read the article, it is only 4 pages long.


And remember that if you are ready to hire someone to help you, at Clutterbusters!! it is easy as 1-2-3 to get started.


Step 1 is a BRIEF DISCUSSION on your situation or problem areas (page 4 of the report). To have that discussion just call us at 1-866-258-8837. It is that simple!


There is no obligation to hire us and the call is free.


If you're not ready to make that call today, that's okay too.


To listen to some of our clients and how Clutterbusters helped their situations, turn on your speakers and click this link.


In the meantime, if you have a question or urgent hoarding or organizing situation, feel free to call me toll free at 1-866-258-8837.


If I and all our staff are out bustin clutter with our clients, just leave you message on our voice mail.


Thanks again! Betsy


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