Hi it's Betsy Fein again from Clutterbusters!!  Two weeks ago I sent you my report on the 9 questions to ask when hiring a professional organizer.


If you remember you should ask about 1) their Expertise, 2) their Fee Policy and 3) from an initial conversation, do you feel okay after talking with them (the Relationship)?


Then check into their Professionalism (what organizations they belong to), look into their Past History (testimonials & reviews) and what Training they have been through.


The LAST 3 questions you should ask are:


Question #7 to ask is the GUARANTEE question.  Does your organizer offer a satisfaction guarantee?  Most do not.  But at Clutterbusters!! we are not looking for merely “satisfied” clients. We offer a guarantee that you will be “stunned and amazed” with our overall service. If not, we will send another organizer, with no charge for the time you spent with the first one.


Question #8 to ask is the SECURITY question.  Is your organizer insured and bonded?  Accidents do happen. Without insurance and bonding, you may be left holding the bill or trying to recover from the organizer directly. At Clutterbusters!! we are insured AND bonded so you don’t have to worry.


Question #9 to ask is the STANDARDS question.  As the only professional organizing firm to franchise, we must hold ourselves to a high standard of excellence and performance.  We require competence, training, experience, integrity, respect, discretion, and non-judgmental qualities for all of our organizers.  Most of all, we demand excellence and complete client satisfaction, at no risk to you.


I hope this helped. Remember that if you are ready to hire someone to help you, at Clutterbusters!! it is easy as 1-2-3 to get started.


Step 1 is a BRIEF DISCUSSION on your situation or problem areas (page 4 of the report). To have that discussion just call us at 1-866-258-8837. It is that simple!


There is no obligation to hire us and the call is free.


If you're not ready to make that call today, that's okay too.


In the meantime, if you have a question or urgent hoarding or organizing situation, feel free to call me toll free at 1-866-258-8837.


If I and all our staff are out bustin clutter with our clients, just leave you message on our voice mail.


Thanks again! Betsy


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