Hi it's Betsy Fein with Clutterbusters! and a few nights ago I hosted a live call where I talked about probably the unspoken concerns people have (and maybe don't ask out loud) in their minds before hiring someone to organize & declutter their home.

In case you missed the call Thursday night I've posted the audio replay.

Just turn on your speakers and click on this link:

On the call I answer the 8 biggest questions people have about hiring a Clutterbuster Professional Organizer to come to their home.

Plus you hear from 6 Clutterbuster CLIENTS and what they felt about having their homes, offices & closets organized!

It goes pretty quick and towards the end of the call I mention a 4 hour special. If you want that special price, when you call to make an appointment, just mention the CALL SPECIAL.

Our number is 866-CLUTTER or 866-258-8837 or you can contact me on the web at: http://www.clutterbusters.net/contactus.html

Have a clutter-free day!  Betsy

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