Hi, it's Betsy Fein, President of Clutterbusters!   If you're still interested in growing your professional organizing business OR starting one, you'll be interested in this email.


In less than 2 weeks I will begin teaching and coaching professional organizers across the country how I started my own organizing business years ago (www.clutterbusters.com) and built it into a 6-figure business and income for myself and how you can do the same.


Click here to watch the 19 minute videos.In this 12-month program (click here for the 19-minute video that explains details, class dates & cost) I'll be teaching you:

  • How to Attract Clients,

  • What Media to Use or Buy,

  • Should you offer Free Consults?

  • How to Set Up your Business,

  • What I Say to Callers on the Phone to get Appointments,

  • What Marketing Works & What Doesn't,

  • Low Cost Places To Advertise,

  • Using Web Sites & eMarketing,

  • How Much to Charge Clients,

  • My 6 Step Approach to Projects,

  • How to Handle Different Personalities

  • Handling your First Meeting with Prospects

  • Salesmanship for a Professional Organizer

  • Advanced Business Strategies for High Growth

Although I may not sound like it, truth be told Iím a single (divorced) mother with 2 small children.  And although I run my organizing business 7-days-a-week out of my home, I MAKE more than most average engineers, chiropractors, computer programmers and lawyers.


Here are several of the details:

  1. The deadline to enroll is Friday, September 10th

  2. Our first class starts on the 15th.

  3. Class will be in a LIVE conference call format

  4. Or you can listen on the Internet if you like

  5. Each class will have an open line Q&A session

  6. If you miss or are late for a class, all calls will be recorded

  7. So you can listen later, listen again or download the MP3 of the call

  8. The price for this is very affordable and can be paid monthly

I've put together a great program that I know you'll learn from and 19 minutes of video that explain in more detail.  Watch the video, enroll today and I'll talk with you on the 15th to help you start & grow your organizing business!


Betsy Fein, President of Clutterbusters!


Betsy Fein, President | Clutterbusters!! | 301-309-1481 | 866-CLUTTER | betsy@clutterbusters.com | www.clutterbusters.com