Hi this is Betsy Fein with Clutterbusters!! and I wanted to ask for your help on something.


Whatís your Biggest Question or Problem with

starting or growing your organizing business?


Why am I asking you this? (Click here to tell me your question.)


Somewhere over the last 2 years you may have had an interest in creating or growing a professional organizing business Ė and you contacted me & I saved your email address.


If itís been a very long time ago let me go back and answer WHY would you have contacted me?


Probably because over the last 8+ years Iíve successfully run Clutterbusters!!, a professional Organizer company here in the Metro DC area that helps people organize the clutter they have in their homes.


Along the way Iíve structured and grown my little ďprofessional organizingĒ business into probably what is the top 10% of all organizing businesses in terms of revenue.


Top 10% meaning a healthy

6 figure income.


In fact for the last 5 years I rarely if at all, actually do any organizing projects myself. I have a group of very talented and trained ďProfessional OrganizersĒ going out and performing the actual organization or what we call declutterfication projects themselves.


This is where I need your help and can maybe help you in the process.


If you are still an organizer or want to start an organizing business, Iím interested in what YOUR biggest, most pressing questions are about either starting or growing your business.


Click on the link below to ask your question: http://www.clutterbusters.net/askbetsyfein.html


Iím interested in you because Iím in the process of putting together a program that will teach people HOW to get started in this business, what mistakes to avoid in GROWING the business, and WHAT are the behind-the-scenes Strategies and Systems I use to go beyond being a one-person show to becoming a Real Business.


I want to make sure Iíve included every important aspect, issue, concern and question that you and other organizers have about their business so when I roll out the program, Iíve covered all the critical, money-making & time-saving elements of the business itself.


So if you have just 2 minutes, click on the link, tell me what your Biggest Question or Problem is with starting or growing an organizing business.


After you tell me your question, Iíll share with you one of the best secrets Iíve used to close a sale.  Plus if you send me your question, next week Iíll also email you and talk about how much I charge clients.


If youíre NOT interested in learning about that or the professional organizing business in general, itís okay to go ahead and opt out of this list so I donít bother you.


Thanks, Betsy


PS. Just so you know how financially successful CORRECTLY running a professional organizing business can be, I'm a divorced mother with 2 children and the sole provider for our family, I don't work THAT HARD at this business and still make a healthy 6 figure income.  So if I can do this, with the right help I bet you can too...

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