Hi this is Betsy Fein with Clutterbusters!! and last week I asked for your help on something, specifically what is your Biggest Question or Problem with starting or growing your organizing business?


If you don't remember the email, click here to see a version of it online.  Also if you didn't ask me your biggest question, click here to tell me your question.


Of the questions that came in last week, several of them centered around how or what to charge clients.


Charging Your Clients...


Everyone's organizing business is different.  The city and local market you live in has an impact on your fees. 


If you sat down and thought about it there's probably a dozen other things to consider.  But here's what's worked for me...


When I charged a very low hourly rate the clients did not buy into the value of the service and were always looking for a bargain.


So I looked at other organizers rates in the region.


I also looked at what Interior Designers were charging and came up with a higher rate that I felt confident saying when asked about by a client.


I hope that sheds some light on that issue.  It's helped me build a healthy 6-figure income in this business as a divorced mother with 2 kids and sole provider for my family.


On a related note I'm still putting together my COACHING program that will teach people HOW to get started in this business, what mistakes to avoid in GROWING the business, and WHAT are the behind-the-scenes Strategies and Systems I use to go beyond being a one-person show to becoming a Real Business.


So keep your questions coming.  Again if you didn't tell me your biggest question yet, click here.


After you tell me your question, Iíll share with you one of the best secrets Iíve used to close a sale.  Plus if you send me your question, next week Iíll also email you and talk about how I attract new clients to my business.


Again if youíre NOT interested in learning about that or the professional organizing business in general, itís okay to go ahead and opt out of this list so I donít bother you.


Thanks, Betsy


PS. Just so you know how financially successful CORRECTLY running a professional organizing business can be, in a few weeks I'm taking a 10-day trip to Europe (Greece actually) and going on a mediterranean cruise AND my professional organizing business will operate while


Remember, I don't work THAT HARD at this business and still make a healthy 6 figure income.  So if I can do this, with the right help I bet you can too...

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