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Last week I talked about charging your clients and how & WHY I transitioned from relatively LOW rates to what I charge today.


The secret I think is that your rate tends to attract a certain type of client.


Very low rates attract low quality clients who, as many of you told me in your BIGGEST QUESTIONS, do not see the value of what you can do for them.


Many times it is ourselves who are hesitant to charge higher rates because of a variety of reasons - which I will teach and train on how to fix, in my upcoming Coaching Program for Professional Organizers.


By the way, THANKS for all your questions!!  They keep pouring in.  And if you didn't ask me your biggest Professional Organizer question, click here to tell me your question.


Now of the questions that came in last week, most were about how to FIND NEW clients.


Finding New Clients...


When I started out I did a lot of manual labor in trying to find organizing clients.  I ran a lot of advertising that for the most part broke even or did not pay for itself.


However when people did hear about me, I had one marketing tool that helped people learn more about me and get comfortable in hiring me.  It was and is...


My business WEB SITE!  Having a good web presence and web site representing your services and what you do is almost number one in my book! (Most organizers do not have a web site or a good one.)


I also believe in Branding because it shows a level of professionalism in that the name of the company, your logo and colors are all consistent


This is important because if someone is checking you out, searches and finds you on the internet, youíre more likely to get a client if you have a good web site than none at all OR one that looks like your 7 year old posted it online.


And if you are just starting out and don't have thousands of dollars to build you own web site, in my upcoming Coaching Program I'll go over some Guerilla Marketing, bootstrap, do-it-yourself strategies for getting new clients that worked for me and still work today.


Well I hope that sheds some light on that issue.  It's helped me build a healthy 6-figure income in this business as a divorced mother with 2 kids and sole provider for my family.


REMINDER - I'm still putting together my COACHING Program for Professional Organizers that will teach people HOW to get started in this business, what mistakes to avoid in GROWING the business, and WHAT are the behind-the-scenes Strategies and Systems I use to go beyond being a one-person show to becoming a Real Business.


So again, keep your questions coming.  If you didn't tell me your biggest question yet, click here.  After you tell me your question, Iíll share with you one of the best secrets Iíve used to close a sale


Again if youíre NOT interested in learning about that or the professional organizing business in general, itís okay to go ahead and opt out of this list so I donít bother you.


Thanks, Betsy


PS. Just so you know how financially successful CORRECTLY running a professional organizing business can be, THIS THURSDAY I'm leaving on my 10-day trip to Europe (Greece actually) and going on a Mediterranean cruise AND my professional organizing business will operate while I am gone...


Remember, I don't work THAT HARD at this business and still make a healthy 6 figure income.  So if I can do this, with the right help I bet you can too...

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