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Last week I talked about whether you should give Free Evaluations as part of your organizing business.


Although I did when I started, I don't anymore.


Today what I say on the phone deals with that issue or question and in my upcoming Coaching Program (click here to REGISTER for the FREE introductory call) I'll go over exactly what I say on the phone to callers, how I deal with the Free Evaluation question if and when it comes up and how you should approach it in your business.


By the way, THANKS for all your questions!!  They still keep coming in.  And if you didn't ask me your biggest Professional Organizer question, click here to tell me your question.


Of the questions that many new people to the business ask about is what are all the BUSINESS aspects do I need to have in place to be a Professional Organizer.  So my topic this week is about:


Business Issues as a Professional Organizer...


Do I need and how do I get insurance for my business?  Do I need to be bonded?  If yes, who do I go to and how does it work?


Do I need an accountant, a different phone number, separate bank account and so forth....


My quick answer on all this is YES!  You will need or should have all of these for various reasons, the biggest of which is because you are running a REAL BUSINESS so you need to treat it like one.


When you don't, problems come up sooner or later.  I'm not good with bookkeeping so I hired one at the beginning to keep me up to speed with revenues and expenses, what I could run through my business and the taxes I had to pay to the IRS.


I spent a fair amount of time and money with the above issues and more over the year and in my Coaching Program for Professional Organizers, I'll cover all these issues IN DETAIL and tell you what to do, what to avoid and in essence learn from my mistakes rather than you using trial & error as your business plan.


Well I hope that sheds some light on that issue.  It's helped me PROTECT and build a healthy 6-figure income in this business as a divorced mother with 2 children and sole provider for my family.



REMINDER - I'm putting the final touches on my COACHING Program for Professional Organizers (click here to register for the FREE Introduction Call) that will teach people HOW to get started in this business, what mistakes to avoid in GROWING the business, and WHAT are the behind-the-scenes Strategies and Systems I use to go beyond being a one-person show to becoming a Real Business.


So again, keep your questions coming.  If you didn't tell me your biggest question yet, click here.  After you tell me your question, Iíll share with you one of the best secrets Iíve used to close a sale


Again if youíre NOT interested in learning about that or the professional organizing business in general, itís okay to go ahead and opt out of this list so I donít bother you.


Thanks, Betsy


PS. Just so you know how financially successful CORRECTLY running a professional organizing business can be, I just returned from my 10-day trip to Europe (Greece actually) and on a Mediterranean cruise AND my professional organizing business has been operating while I was gone...


Remember, I don't work THAT HARD at this business and still make a healthy 6 figure income.  So if I can do this, with the right help I bet you can too...

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