Hey it's Betsy Fein of Clutterbusters.  If you've been reading my emails the last several weeks I've talked a lot about various aspects of starting and growing your professional organizing business.


I asked hundreds of Professional Organizers what their BIGGEST questions, problems and hurdles are surrounding their own businesses.


And I received TONS of responses (thanks if you've asked your question)!!


WHY did I do all this?


I was making sure I covered all the bases as part of my new Professional Organizer Coaching Program that I'm introducing on a FREE Conference Call next Wednesday night, July 7th, at 7:00 PM ET (6pm CT, 5pm MT, 4pm PT).  Click here to register.


I've been going through the questions and took the Top 10 (at left) to answer on the call Wednesday night.


The answers will be just a short preview of what I'll cover in my Coaching Program starting here in July.  Why a coaching program you might ask?


Well as I've built my own organizing business from scratch into a healthy 6-figure business, I've noticed other organizers in our business "come and go" for a variety of reasons.


And from time to time other POs have asked me about HOW I built my business, have it support my family and lifestyle (I just got back from a 10-day European cruise) and so on.


A coaching program seemed like the best option were I can help you by sharing my expertise and tell you what mistakes I made, what to avoid, what's worked best for me in the beginning and right now as an organizer that's gotten to the point where I have a core group of organizers actually working on client projects while I operate the 'business' side.


Plus it's an abundant market.  There's room for all of us to find clients that need our help AND make a good living while helping them.


So if you can put yourself into one of these 2 camps, I think you'll enjoy the call on Wednesday night.


Camp 1)  I've been thinking about starting my organizing business but don't know what to do first, second and so on and need some help to get it going and keep myself 'business organized' so I start and make money.... or,


Camp 2)  I am an organizer, doing most of my client work myself and want to move my business either to where I'm making more money myself OR can start hiring people to do projects for me and not work so hard.


Just to let you know, the number of phone lines for this call is limited.  Only 247 are available so it's first come, first serve as there are a couple thousand people that will be seeing this email. 


And actually as I type out this email, a lot of people have already registered (another one just came though on my email) because I mentioned the call in my last email so that number of lines is even smaller right now...


So anyway register now so you make sure you get in and can be on the call.


Again if youíre NOT interested in learning about that or the professional organizing business in general, itís okay to go ahead and opt out of this list so I donít bother you.


Have a fun and safe holiday weekend!  I'll talk with you Wednesday night!


Thanks, Betsy


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