If you are still frustrated because you have: 

  - stacks of stuff you walk around,

  - piles of clothes not put away,

  - bags of items all around your kitchen,

  - bundles of magazines & newspapers,

  - kids clothes all over their floors,

  - just a path through your garage

and CLUTTER scattered around your house?


If this is you then I invite you to FIX IT and listen in on a conference call I'm holding TONIGHT (Thursday) at 6:30 pm ET. Register here: http://www.clutterbusters.net/cluttercall100819.html


On the call you'll hear from 6 people who hired a Clutterbuster organizer to DECLUTTER some or part of their home and how they felt about it afterwards.


Plus I'll answer the 8 Biggest Questions most people have when they contemplate finally taking the step to call & schedule a date to really organize their stuff and lives!


Our clients include mothers, fathers, grandparents, doctors, writers, folks with and without children, business people & busy people as well as people diagnosed with MS, ADD and OCD.


We've helped them ALL better organize their stuff and declutter their lives, leaving them feel more in control of their space and home after we leave.


Again, you're welcome to listen in on this FREE CALL TONIGHT at 6:30 pm ET. Just register here and you'll get instant access to the call: http://www.clutterbusters.net/cluttercall100819.html


Hope you have a clutter free day! Betsy Fein